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We at Matan Welfare Services Ltd. are at you service to assist in the financing of the welfare services. A number of options are available for financing a homecare specialist

National Insurance – eligibility of nursing benefits

Ministry of Defense

Health Management Organizations

Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims – for those eligible for over 16 hours from the National Insurance


ביטוח סיעודי עם מתן שרותי רווחה

Emergency Services
In cases where immediate nursing services are needed it is not necessary to wait for the relevant permits. We at Matan Welfare Services will provide emergency nursing services immediately. The number of hours will be determined according to the professional discretion of the company. To receive “pre-nursing” services, contact us.

If you are eligible to receive financing from the above and are interested in receiving home help services, you are entitled to hire a caregiver privately.

We match the caregivers to the needs of the client and his family, as well as seeing to their placement, and are with you for the entire absorption process. Matan Welfare Services pays the caregiver’s wages and social benefits.

If for any reason (holiday, sickness, etc.) the caregiver cannot come to work, we will do everything in our power to find a replacement.

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