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High Quality welfare and nursing services

Matan Welfare Services Ltd. provides welfare and nursing services for the elderly, the disabled, children and families.

 Our company began operating on April 1, 1988 when the Nursing Care Law came into effect, and since has been providing our services to the public.

We believe that providing care and welfare takes knowledge and skill. That’s the reason we employ a staff that is professional and skilled in numerous areas, extensively trained and knowledgeable. The staff includes: social workers, professional supervisors, nurses and trained homecare specialists.

We are available to provide immediate service at all times.

Providing best care for seniors


Matan Welfare Services Ltd. is under constant supervision by the Technion Research & Development Foundation, as well as under ISO 9001:2000 authorization.
In addition, we take periodic customer satisfaction surveys (patients and professionals). We are always trying to improve the level of service and matching it to the needs of the patients.

Matan Welfare Services Ltd.

In accordance with this policy we also believe in a special professional approach to the different sectors which make up the company’s clients, as listed below:


iso-200-9001מתן שרותי רווחה בשרות ברמה בינלאומית

Adapting nursing services to social-sectoral structure

At the Bnei Brak branch which also serves the religious sector, we put special emphasis on the requirements of the religious population in the placement of homecare specialists, as well as training them in the aspects of religion, and kashruth in the home.

At the Nazareth branch which serves mainly the Arabic/Druze population, the staff is selected from this sector, and is familiar with the Arabic culture and language.

At the various branches we employ supervisors and caregivers who speak different languages (Russian, Hungarian, Yiddish, English, etc.) so that homecare specialists can communicate with patients and their families.



Matan Welfare Services Ltd. has four major branches, that provide services to a wide geographical area: in the Sharon region, in the central region – two branches (Bnei Brak-Ramat Gan, Petah Tikva), and in the Northern region.

Among our clientss: National Insurance, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Social Affairs, Health Management Organizations,Guardianship Foundation, Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims, retirement communities and private individuals

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לקוחותינו חברים במכבי שרותי בריאות
אנחנו מיצגים את לקוחותינו מול קופת חולים כללית- מתן שרותי רווחה וסיעוד
לקוחותינו חברים בשרותי בריאות של מאוחדת
לוגו קופת חולים לאומית
עם לקוחותינו נמנים הקרן לרווחה לניצולי השואה בישראל
אנחנו מיצגים את לקוחותינו מול משרד הרווחה- מתן שרותי רווחה וסיעוד
אנחנו מיצגים ומייעצים ללקוחותינו מול מוסד הביטחון- מתן שרותי רווחה וסיעוד
אנחנו מיצגים ומיעצים ללקוחותינו מול מוסד הביטוח הלאומי- מתן שרותי רווחה וסיעוד
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Providing best care for seniors

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